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Plinq is a native implementation of language-integrated query (linq) for php (v >= 5.3.1) .
There is no need for "magic strings" (that are evaluated to php and must be in some form of special notation) like other implementations.

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A Plinq object is actually derived from SPL Object "RecursiveArrayIterator". So it has all the thing that an ordinary array has, plus, it makes querying the items via closures;

//assume that users is an array of "User" object
$users = $userRepository->GetAllUsers();

//create the object
$plinq = new Plinq($users);

//gets the users that are older than 60
$oldies = $plinq->Where(function($k, $v){ return $v->Age > 60; });

Plinq is fully chainable, all methods returns a Plinq object;


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